I met Him at the hotel. We sat outside and had something to eat, some wine, and talked. He asked me how I felt about collaring and we talked for some time about the subject.

We went upstairs, and He stopped outside the room, turned around and told me to kneel in the hallway while He went inside. He came back out and pressed my head against His crotch. He told me to go inside, see what was there for me on the counter, strip naked and kneel on the floor facing the window, text Him when I was ready, and then He walked away.

I went inside and there on the counter was a bouquet of flowers, a card, and a couple small boxes of chocolate. I opened the card and smiled at what He had written. Placing the card back on the counter, I stripped, knelt in middle of the room, sent Him the text, and waited.

A few moments later, He texted me back:

“Turn on some relaxing music….Is that task completed?”

“Yes, Sir. It just started playing.”

“1.) Draw a bath.
2.) Light the candles with the matches I left for you.”
3.) Drop the bath bomb in the tub (contained in the colored paper).
4.) Get in.
5.) You have 20 min to relax and reflect.”

I sat in the hot water and breathed in the steam, surrounded by candlelight and the strains of Lindsey Stirling’s violin, thinking over the conversation we had just had. The bath ball He had left for me made me skin super soft to the touch, and had turned the water a reddish shade of purple. When He came in, He took some pictures of me there in the water and then told me to dry off and follow Him.

He sat on the couch and I knelt before Him. He talked to me while He stroked my hair, and then… He picked up a box that was beside Him, opened it…and collared me. I was elated, intoxicated by the feeling, completely thrilled and totally honored. It was absolutely beautiful, gold and red and sparkly. It was the set Butterfly and I had seen in Vegas. It was simply stunning.

He stood, unzipped His pants, pulled them down, and told me to suck His cock. Then He began giving me direction, telling me exactly how He wanted it done. This, He said, is what I was to do when He told me to worship His cock. Exactly this, in the order He had directed me.

Soon after, we began to get ready for the party. He took some photos of me in my beautiful collar, and then we headed out. At the party, we circulated a while, talked with some newly met people, procured a gorgeous red suede flogger for me, and then scouted for a place to do a suspension.

Sir tied me the way He had the last time, and spun me once my feet left the ground. It felt like only minutes had passed when the chest harness began to restrict my breathing. I fought it as long as I was able, shifting my weight, redistributing where I could, to take the weight off my chest, before finally asking to be brought down. As always, time with Sir is a time warp. Suspended, as I had been, which caused what was approximately 45 minutes in the air to feel like five.

After that, He told me to bend over the nearby table and started inserting the tunnel plug He had told me to buy into my ass. That piece of silicone proved to be a little more difficult than surmised, but He got it in. Only, when He went and sat on the couch and told me to come to Him, it didn’t want to stay put…and came out.

Instead, I was bent back over the table, and He broke out the fuck saw. That was a new experience, Him using it on me from behind like that. It felt amazing. Then He had me lie on my back and resumed.

Apparently it had gotten late, and we were one of the few people still left around. We gathered our things and headed toward the door. A couple people told us that they had very much enjoyed watching us play… I don’t remember people coming in and out of there. Amazing how focused one can be.

Back to the hotel and our ritual of tequila for us and a cigar for Him. Talking outside and enjoying the night air. Then up to the room for the night.

Out came the ropes again and we laughed as He experimented with different ways to tie me to the bed in the position He wanted. Darn hotel beds without tie points! After He was satisfied with the binding, the vibrator was on my clit, a glass dildo in my ass, and He entered me. As always, it was intense and later, as I crawled up beside Him to go to sleep He asked me if I was a happy girl. I sighed contentedly, smiled, and said “Yes, Sir.”