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Dimly lit hotel room.  Low hum of the air conditioning unit in the background.  Innocent luggage cart placed centrally near the window, completely unaware that it is about to be corrupted, it’s virginity taken from it with lengths of beautifully red rope and Sir’s hands.

He instructed me to dry off completely, then to stand waiting.  Naked, nipples stiff and goosebumps on my skin, breathlessly anticipating that first touch, I waited, watching Him take one roll after another from the bag and lay it on the bed.

A few steps and He was behind me, draping the rope around my chest, pulling it, knotting it.  I held my breath as it raked over my skin, that familiar glide making my eyes close and everything inside me go still.  Now and then I would open them and look down, watching the harness coming into being.  This one was different than any He’d done on me before.

When He got it just like He wanted it, He moved me closer to the cart and started on the rest.  I was anxious, excited, aroused… Amazing what the thought of being suspended does to your body.  Knowing it was coming.  Hoping and willing your body to be strong enough so that you can stay up longer than the last time.  First He attached the chest harness to the ring so we could test it.  I can’t begin to explain how incredibly happy I was when I realized that it didn’t hurt…at all.  No shortness of breath, no extreme pain under the arms or on the collar bone.  He had done it.  He’d found the perfect tie for me.  I was elated.

He bound and tied off the thighs, and then tied me up like a marionette, right wrist tied to right ankle, left the same, each rope going through the ring, in such a way that when I pulled my hands downward my legs would raise.  When I’d push my legs out straight, my arms would go up over my head.  Another new twist…there was a knot right in the middle of my palm, something to hang onto.  I adore that knot!

For a short time, we were laughing and checking everything out, and then, it changed.  He was behind me, between my knees.  He touched me, then the vibrator touched me, then the saw touched me, and I saw stars.  Suspended, shaking, writhing, moaning, hands clenching and unclenching, then grasping again and again over the knots in my palms.

I lost track of time.  I do remember needing a short break… Not because the binding was hurting, but because I had become too limp to keep my core tight and combined with being seriously out of breath, I just needed a moment to right my equilibrium.  He helped bring me down and asked me if I wanted to be released, or just needing a break.  Just a break, I replied breathlessly, and laughed.  I wanted to go back up!

Sometime later, He released me, all except for the chest harness.  Time for our after routine, cigars, tequila (or wine), and talking.  We slipped outside and sat together in the dark, sharing a drink as He smoked.  I was freezing, shivering not just from the cold, but from the after effects as well, and chivalrously He removed His light jacket and handed it to me.

When He was done with His cigar and the wine was all gone, we headed back up.  We laid on the bed, side by side, and He let me kiss his body the way I love to do.  That is one of my favorite things, when He just lays back and allows me that time to touch, kiss, smell, taste and hear Him…

He sat up briefly and moved, repositioning himself to lean against the headboard.  Then the shift happened.  You know the shift I’m talking about.  It’s when the energy changes, when the spring is pulled back and released, when you go from lovingly licking and kissing His cock to being gagged on it, when the hand in your hair goes from caressing to tightly gripping and pulling, when the muscles in His body go from relaxed to taut, and the mmmmm sound is replaced by a strong and clear order.

With tears streaming down my face (damn gag reflex!), I choked on Him like He wanted, and suddenly, He moved.  He moved out from under me and told me not to.  On my knees, I felt him touch me from behind, and then something cold and unrelenting pressed against my ass.  I knew that feeling as it slid into me and curved up over my lower spine.  The hook had been inserted and tied tightly to the harness I still wore.  I don’t believe He tied my hair into that time because I could still lower my head, but doing so pulled hard on the hook, so I couldn’t bow my head without putting a lot of tension on it.

Whatever He had done, He had effectively limited the range of motion of my head, which became a very apparent obstacle for me to overcome when He climbed back up to the headboard, spread His legs and said “Continue”.  The more I lowered my head to lick or suck as He directed, the more the hook yanked on my ass, the more I had to arch my back to relieve some of the pressure, and the more aroused I became.  When He told me to ride Him, it was a wonderfully welcome order, and after a few moments of struggling to move into place because of how I’d been rigged, I sank blissfully onto his cock and had the first of several orgasms.

Rocking back and forth, his cock inside me and the hook in my ass competed for attention.  It threw me off, not able to focus on one or the other but for brief seconds at a time, until I reached a point where it was all just one massive sensation that was intoxicating and overwhelming.

Sometime later we must have drifted off to sleep because my next memory is of the alarm going off the next morning.