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He told me to wear a black dress. Wear the dress and bring panties, but don’t wear them. I replied with the standard “Yes, Sir” and started gathering my things together for the evening. I had no idea where we would be going, but that was standard too. Everything unfolds as He wishes, and it’s always a surprise for me.

I got to the hotel and His truck was parked in the drive, but He wasn’t in the lobby. I waited there for Him there, dressed in a low cut, tight black dress, heels, makeup done, wondering what we were going to be doing. When He came out of the elevator pushing an empty luggage cart, I couldn’t help but smile at seeing Him. He walked past me, put it back in its place and said “Let’s go”. And then we got in the truck, He leaned over and kissed me, and I literally felt like swooning. The cologne He wears is intoxicating, and combined with the taste of His lips, makes for a dangerous combination.

We talked as He drove, getting caught up on what had been going on lately. He’d been very swamped with some business for work, so we hadn’t had much chance to just talk. It was refreshing to be past the stress of the recent weeks. I told Him about going to the rope bomb and our friend visiting, and the trip to the toy store. I had purchased a new one to play with. He asked if I’d gotten the anal plug I’d wanted and I hadn’t. When He asked why, I told Him that it was because I was a bit overwhelmed at the selection, and truthfully, because I was hoping that He would pick one out for me. At that moment, I had no idea how that topic would come into play soon after.

During the conversation He asked when was the last time I had masturbated, so I told Him. And the time before that? And before that? Somehow that led to me telling Him about being frustrated, though that’s not the right word for it. It’s not a sexual frustration I’d been having. I think I can explain it here easier. Sometimes when I try to put something into words when I’m near Him, it just ends up coming out all garbled. It’s not my fault though, He just has a pretty powerful effect on me.

So, not frustration. More accurately, a craving. Craving His dominance. Little things, the things He asks me to do for Him, the tone in His voice, the feel of my hair in His grip, His hands on my throat, that look in His eyes when He takes whatever He wants, and that high I get when He does any and all of it. Lately I’d been feeling like a drug addict jonesing for their next fix. When He’d texted the night before and asked if I was available to have a session, I couldn’t answer Yes fast enough. I didn’t just want to, I was craving it.

He took me a very nice restaurant for dinner, and it was lovely. We sat on the patio and talked some more. It was an excellent meal, and when we were through, He said “Give me your hands.” I stretched my hands out to Him across the table as He reached into His pocket and withdrew something. Opening my hands, He placed an anal plug into one, and then a small vial of lube in the other, and closed my fingers over them. I know I had to have been blushing because I felt my cheeks go hot.

“Go…”, He said.
“Now?” I asked.
“Now.” He smiled and I laughed, then off I went to the restroom to complete the task.

I learned a couple things I hadn’t known before since I’d never used one while attempting to walk around at the same time. One, the base of those things definitely take some getting used to. Two, there is NO way to NOT be aware of it with every single step, especially when it has slightly sharp edges. And three, despite how (ahem) skilled your nether region’s muscles are, it WILL attempt to slip out because the very same lube that eases it’s entry has the exact same effect in reverse.

Back into the truck and driving again. This time, as we drove further and further into the city, I was even more curious than usual. I truly had no idea where he was taking me, not at all. When He pulled into the XXX video place, my mind was racing. I’d driven by this huge place a million times, but never been in it. Turns out, it’s got a toy shop inside. We had fun looking over the selection and even found something for Butterfly!

When we got back to the hotel, He told me to change into my swimsuit. We were going to get in the hot tub and relax for a while, He said. Then He grabbed me and kissed me in the elevator in that way that makes my toes curl. Hot, steamy water, dark shadows, a covered chair to partially hide behind, our skin gliding, slipping, His hands on my body, mine in His hair….yeah, relaxing wound up being the furthest thing from what we actually ended up doing.

First, He pulled my top up over my breasts and let it float there on top of the water. Then He put me on the opposite side, pulled my legs up and told me to masturbate for Him. Of course, that’s when the hotel’s front entrance becomes a gathering place for some of it’s occupants. Though the hot tub area is somewhat dark, and a bit back from the fence, which is just slightly further back from that entrance, we were definitely within view HAD someone decided to look our way. So, Sir moves me to the other side so my back would be toward them, but the order remains, and so I begin, awkwardly at first. I always find it awkward, not really sure why. But at some point, His body was on mine, His lips on mine, and my hand between us was not awkward, it was being pushed against me in just the right way by the pressure of Him. When He brought His hand up and slapped me, told me to cum for Him, to let go, my body didn’t hesitate, it just did what it was told.

He switched our places and sat me astride Him, pulling aside the bottom of my swimsuit and entered me. The anal plug had remained, so I was doubly full, and as my breathing sped up and gasps escaped my lips, I wondered here and there if the group of guys standing outside could hear me. It’s funny how you switch focus back and forth when you’re doing something like that, knowing that you could get caught any second. One moment, I was glancing over their way to see if we’d been spotted, and the next, He would push up into me, my eyes would close, and there was nothing in existence but that feeling.

When He moved me again we were facing toward them, this time He took me from behind, my hands gripping the sides of the hot tub, head barely above water, trying to stay somewhat below the ridge and out of the line of sight, but without going completely under water, I could still see them. It added an incredible eroticism to it, watching people doing something so normal, standing there taking amongst their friends, while He was doing what He was doing to me, knowing it would only take one of them to accidentally catch a glimpse of movement, wonder what it was, and train their eyes upon us, but none of them did. At least, they didn’t give it away if they did.

He sat back against the step and I was stroking Him, first with my hand, and then with my mouth. He was trying to keep my head low, and that resulted in my face being partially underwater. With Him thrusting upward, the water begin to splash, and I managed to plug my nose and still continue until He came, filling my mouth with a combination of chlorinated water and His cum.

I laid my head against His chest and He held me close to Him for awhile as we relaxed. It was time to go up.

To be continued…