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Sir picked me up just before six pm last night and we headed out to a local SAADE class on caning. I won’t lie, just the thought had me fidgeting and uncomfortable, but I endured. Took a good while for me to finally relax though. We met some a couple new people and the class was informative.

Afterward we headed out for a bite to eat. Yum, sushi. Then it was off to the hotel room. We used a cart to take everything to the room. He went to shower and freshen up and asked me to get the cart that was in the hallway and take it back down to the lobby, come back up, out the vibrator on the bed, then kneel, naked, facing the windows.

He pulled out all the lovely red rope, put me in a chest harness, then added gunslingers, and we tested out the ties around the chest using the luggage cart.

I got to spend some time sucking His cock after that. And playing with the vibrator. But my brain doesn’t do the two things simultaneously very well, trying to please Him and trying to orgasm at the same time. So, of course, sucking Him won.

He made me orgasm plenty after that though. First by bending me over the bed and taking me from behind, putting the vibrator between our bodies another time, then later adding some DP play. I can’t describe everything exactly because I have no idea what He was using, but it was awesome.

After that, He used that little metal wheel on me, and alternated it with the flogger, and that was seriously intense, I didn’t know whether to laugh or moan. I ended up doing some crazy mix of both.

Sometime before 5 am, I rode Him one last time and then we fell asleep. This morning He woke before me, went down for breakfast and brought some back for me, along with coffee. We had a nice quickie before getting up and heading out.

It was an amazing night, and the soreness I feel today is a lovely, lasting reminder.